The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Year

To say it’s been a long year would be the understatement of…well…that very.long.year.

I don’t have to tell you I’ve neglected my blog. The date on the previous post kind of gives that away. But it’s more about avoiding than neglecting. Let me explain.
My blog is my happy place. I want it to be enjoyable to read, and to write. I’ve never wanted it to be a negative place. The problem is, I write about my life, and the past year of my life has been, overall, a negative experience. Rather than fill my blog full of complaining and negativity, I chose to not write at all.
Here’s the problem. I love to write. I *need* to write. It’s just something in an English major’s DNA. Writing is therapeutic, and going through the things I’ve gone through this year with no therapeutic outlet hasn’t made it any easier.
So. I’ve decided the solution to this little conundrum is this. I’m going to write again. I’m going to write about my life. But…and it’s a big but (not unlike my own…but I digress), I’m going to write about the good stuff. I’m going to force myself to look for the positive in the overwhelming negative, to spot the silver linings in the grayest of skies, to laugh as much as possible, and, with any luck, make you laugh along with me.
When I wrote this (ages ago) it was National Happiness Happens Day…I think every day should be Happiness Happens Day. So stick around, and let’s make some happiness happen around here.


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